About HOW2

What is HOW2 and how does it work?

    • Conceived and created from the considerable experience of both owner managers of small businesses and senior managers from large multi-national corporations, gained within a variety of diverse business sectors, it is HOW2’s exerience and strength in networks that enable it to deliver on more sales, more money, less tax, less risk.


    • Bringing that shared knowledge together and focusing it in the direction of free actionable advice, HOW2 have created a network of companies and advisers aimed at supporting senior decision makers in both small and large organisations to develop and grow their business and reach practical solutions.


Businesses can fail because the right help was not readily available, when they needed it, at a cost they could afford… HOW2 gives you access to that advice for free, so you can act on issues quickly and efficiently.

How does HOW2’s business model work?

  • The fundamental principles are that services are offered where initial advice is always without obligation or cost.You are then able to choose what components of the service package you wish to take advantage of without any commitment to work with any other service or partner.

Services will be delivered through a host of professional, experienced senior staff from within HOW2 and associated Partners.

    • Free information and advice


    • Free, no commitment situation analysis providing an opportunity assessment, whether remotely, via telephone or through direct contact


    • Performance related fees and costs wherever possible


    • Value for money


    • Full service offering


  • The commercial aspect of HOW2 will develop new business on behalf of its Service Partners by finding new prospects and
  • The Service Partner earns its fees in the normal way
  • The Business Plan is designed around performance based principles to further develop new services appropriate and beneficial to SME’s and large businesses and to generate introductions for Service Partners

The virtual circle is based upon;

    • Providing information and advice and practical solutions that support and enhance businesses


  • Support and develop the business of our accredited Service Partners

Who are your service partners?

    • HOW2 partners with established companies that offer relevant services and benefits to business that also reflect the core principles of the group and specifically HOW2.


    • Partnering with established businesses allows immediate delivery of services without the need for significant investment in time, resources, infrastructure and overhead.


    • HOW2 has pre-selected partners who have a proven track record and can offer a range of specialist services that will benefit and add value to any business.


    • HOW2 takes the responsibility of vetting all of its service providers carefully, ensuring the they are suitable and effective, whilst delivering real value add to our members business’s.


Service is key to everything we do and we recognise that to keep the HOW2 service relevant, we must respond and grow to market influences by expanding our service base as and when the market dictates.

Who do you help? Start-ups and existing businesses?

    • As mentioned earlier HOW2 draws from its considerable experience and diverse contacts in a wealth of business sectors to provide advice to all companies at different life stages from start-ups through to exit strategies.


    • Throughout the business life cycle the needs of a company are inevitably changing and the challenge to all SME owners is to find the resources that can ensure continued well-being and development without threat from cost escalation.


Offering functional support services that can be easily defined and understood is the key, general advice is important but in most cases the SME owner needs practical help in resolving the issues facing their business.

How it works?

How does HOW2 work in practice?

    • HOW2, works with its member companies to identify opportunities to improve their business by offering advice and practical solutions.


    • The website is HOW2’s key interface, with its relevant mix of advice and frequent updates, however the interaction can be conducted both directly or remotely.


    • Membership allows companies to gain information, ask questions, seek advice and contact HOW2 to develop both business opportunities and determine risks and threats by taking a simple business overview questionnaire.


    • A response can then be given to this simple situation analysis and information and advice given on positive action that can be undertaken to maximise the situation.


    • A more detailed appraisal is also available that can be tailored to the specific needs to individual companies that will inevitably yield greater results.


    • HOW2’s national programme of Actionable Advice Seminars, are one of HOW2’s key initiatives, giving information, advice and guidance on core business issues, opportunities and challenges.


  • The Seminars are either run independently or in partnership with for example, trade and industry bodies, business networks and facilities and chambers of commerce.

Do you run seminars or networking events?

  • HOW2 delivers a national programme of seminars throughout the year, many in partnership with local trade and industry associations and business networks. We are always happy to work in partnership to deliver a seminar tailored to an organisation’s needs.

What are the Costs?

What costs are involved?

  • HOW2 is a free information and advice service for members. Costs are only incurred for any business should they decide to engage and deploy a HOW2 Service Partner in their businesses.

Is there an obligation to work with a HOW2 service partner following advice?

    • No, in some cases we may have more than one Service Partner solution for any given area and in all cases the prospective client chooses if and who to engage.


  • It is a requirement of any selected Service Partner, that they offer a free, no obligation assessment to our members.

What do SMEs need support with and how does HOW2 help?

  • As previously mentioned, HOW2 has segmented it’s support towards the 4 core business objectives of MORE SALES, MORE MONEY, LESS TAX and LESS RISK.
  • However, we regularly utilise independent research reports and government statistics to identify evolving business needs and refine advice and services accordingly.

Here are some of the current key focus areas that SME’s are concerned with;

    • Financing and funding is a common theme.


    • Business development, sales channel expansion including online transactions and overseas trade are amongst the most common sales areas.


    • Strategy development, innovation in brand and product development aimed at increasing competitive advantage.


    • Operational efficiencies and effectiveness.


    • Human resource, workforce skills development.


    • Regulatory and legislative conformity.


    • It is also well known that senior business managers within SME’s rely heavily for advice on their Accountants and Bank Managers along with Trade Associations and Publications.


  • However, it’s unlikely that a company’s Accountant will understand the full nature of their clients business and be to offer the required specialist advice or services that can have a positive impact on their business.

Why is HOW2 different?

How is HOW2 different to the other SME support and advice services out there?

    • We have worked extensively with other business support groups as an SME ourselves and have met many well-meaning individuals but none could deliver tangible, practical solutions.


  • This lack of direct support has been a key driver in the development of HOW2.

What is HOW2’s USP?

  • HOW2 has been developed to offer an effective support and advisory service, to primarily SME’s but also large companies, alongside functional support services that can deliver practical help in resolving business issues.

Can HOW2 help SMEs with advice on:

    • training and skills?
    • growth and profitability?
    • investment
    • business innovation and patents?
    • tax?
    • sales and marketing?
    • HR, employment issues?
    • marketing and sales?
    • procurement?
    • overseas trading?
    • funding and government grants?
    • R&D?


    • Services will primarily be developed to address four core business needs of, MORE SALES, MORE MONEY, LESS TAX and LESS RISK covering most of the above list.


    • Initially, the services are grouped within business sectors that the Group has had most direct experience of and to some extent has some synergies.


    • They also support government programs and schemes, R&D Tax Credits, Patent Box, Capital Allowances, Grants and Business Finance plus support in Overseas Business.


  • Any advisory need that is not covered by an existing Service Partner is likely to be on the next phase of services to be added but failing that HOW2 can locate a provider for most services, complementing a member needs.
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