“HOW2 accelerate sales with social media & video strategies geared for SME’s”

It is well known that the importance of creating an effective brand within the realms of social media in today’s digital business place is simply unquestionable. However, with the increasingly popular use of video taking the experience of online marketing to a whole new level of diversity, how do SME’s proactively exploit the various opportunities to expose their USP’s and achieve growth? HOW2 has the answers.

The statistics for using video strategies online are quite startling and the results couldn’t be more conclusive; Online video is the fastest growing ad format with nearly 55% growth last year whilst visitors who viewed product videos are 85% more likely to buy than visitors who do not. Our digital future is already well into its advanced stages and it’s predicted that internet video traffic is projected to constitute 69% of global consumer internet traffic by 2017. Get ahead of the times and reap the benefits before your competition does.

In terms of social media, you don’t need to be a big name brand with a six figure marketing budget to make it work effectively. Below are three key reasons why your SME need to be taking advantage of social media and using video in particular as the backbone for a successful campaign…

• Building client relationships- not only will you find many of your existing customers are already participating in social media, but they’ll also be talking about your products or services. A significant 43% of online consumers are ’liking’ or following the brands they use on social networks.
• Opportunities to surpass competition- with 40% of UK SMEs using social media to market their business, chances are your competition is already engaged in social media online marketing and improving their web traffic, SERPs and lead generation. This is as good an incentive as any to do it bigger and better than them. If your competitors are exploiting the online market, your SME will more than likely feel the brunt of it in not only your figures, but also your web traffic analytics.
• Attracting new clients- The result of all this buzz that social media is creating around your brand is more leads which, if effectively nurtured through the application of inbound marketing techniques, will result in greater revenue. UK companies that successfully gained new customers through social networking rose to 41% in 2011, 8% up from the previous year’s figure. Globally the figure has seen a 7% rise for the same period.

These are just a few examples of the many benefits that SME’s can fulfill when exploiting social media. Just remember content is king. Don’t just bombard your audience with promotional messages, but instead provide them with compelling content. Informative yet engaging material will attract more potential clients whilst it will keep current clients focused on your brand and not put off by you hounding them for business.

If you have more questions than answers and these topics are particularly relevant to your business, Simply call 01992505011 or Email: enquiries@how2uk.co.uk for more information.


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