It pays to be in business – and it pays to innovate!

So, you’re a young man with a dream of propelling the gaming world in to virtual reality. You do it by using some crowd funding and at the age of 21, the founder/CEO of Facebook wants to buy your business, so what do you do?

When the price tag hits £1.2bn, you naturally cash out, albeit at the significant ire of your kick-starter funders… Don’t expect them to buy you a drink to celebrate your success, but then again you’re rich and 21, a few enemies created along the way to success doesn’t bother you much.

Ok, maybe we don’t all have the next tech driven boom idea like Oculus out of California, but the success stories like this need not stop in the United States. Delivering further advantages to businesses in Mr. Osborne’s 5th budget, it’s clear Britain truly is open for business and in a big way. A new business can go a long way to exploit and make best use of the government schemes accessible to them, which in essence aims to ensure continued success. Not a new business? Read on, the tax breaks aren’t just for the wide-eyed, facial hair sporting, tight jean wearing software/gaming developer types…

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